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Share Your Intimacy

How easy is it for you to do this,

to Share your Intimacy?

Who are you sharing it with? Could it be just for you?

What does this mean to you? How do you feel when you hear the words?

Can you say it without feeling, well… funny

Do you remember learning about the different types of Intimacy?  There seem to be up to 14 – that is A LOT! 

So let’s re-package it into the psychological four; Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, and Physical. I’m going to simplify THAT even more…to one: SELF intimacy

All intimacy begins with: Trusting in your self-worth.  (Ta-daaaaa!)

Where does THIS come from? Can you draw parallels from your self-worth to your level of comfort in an intimate situation? 

It’s easy to get on with life by keeping busy, ignoring self-care, and expressing intimacy as a mask by doing. 

Is that intimacy – manipulating it? Did it get lost somewhere along the way or was it always vague to begin with?

Things have changed lately

During the past two years of this exhausting pandemic, we’ve had to hunker down with our families and partners FULL TIME (It would be nice to have some time off, right?)

Sharing intimate space like never before – a total adjustment to a new normal that may be intimidating to an introvert, now surrounded by a constant flutter and awareness of others’ activity and auratic energy. 

Daily rituals have been lost and disrupted. Long bouts of quiet stillness have disappeared into tip-toeing and self-hushing during business zoom calls. Making considerations for your loved ones about everything from laundry and hobby pile-ups, quiet time for meditating (what’s that again?), to music selections and loudness; ‘wear your earbuds please!

Is this sharing your intimacy? (kind of…)

In order to prevail and grow we need to do sometimes uncomfortable things like: Be open! Talk to each other. Share feelings and thoughts even if it makes us nervous – especially so!

What if we say something that is perceived as hurtful? Even though it burns inside and NEEDS to come out? We can’t hold that in for long without suffering preventable maladies.

Trusting in your self-worth, taking small steps,

will improve your path towards intimacy

So what can ‘Share Your Intimacy’ mean?

It takes a lot to be able to look into the mirror and to be grateful for the face looking back at you. It takes courage and openness to offer vulnerability, love, and acceptance of all that we see.

So share your intimacy!

A small yet powerful reminder to practice your sharing is represented by the things we surround ourselves with… precious sensory reminders we keep near and dear, like candles, artwork, sentiments, etc.

Lighting a candle helps explore deeper,

more intertwined channels of intimacy….

And By first pausing to light and then bathing in the scent of the intimacy, you are reflecting within.

A little about why I made my candles. Besides the fact that every time I light one, I feel comforted. I wanted to share my art, my love of specific scents, and words that resonate for deeper connections. It is in the belly, the “good feels”, that come from the total package- the scent, the sentiment, and the art.

Get your own ‘Share Your Intimacy’ Candle

There’s only 8 left for Valentines! 

Behind the Candle

I used a detail from my original painting titled ‘Yin Yang’

The original is 12×9 using acrylic on stretched linen

The yin, the dark swirl, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the trough of a wave; the yang, the light swirl, represents brightness, passion, and growth. It’s sensual and vulnerable.

I chose the scent of Rose Petals-Its fragrance is believed to have a soothing effect that promotes feelings of serenity, relaxation, and optimism.

I think there comes a time in life when someday will come and if we lack intimacy we will crave it like life-affirming water; sacred and purifying. 

Let’s put the past aside and into a safe place 

to allow for the courage to trust our instincts and to allow ourselves the joy of receiving love and a sense of worthiness!

To give freely,

To communicate openly, and

To reach out to empower and rejuvenate 

My soul, your soul-

And the souls of others.

It means facing my vulnerabilities and fears about everything. 

If I want intimacy, I need to do the courageous and scary things.

To take risks!

To light the candle.

Strike fire!

Igniting the flames that unearth the channels ,

That lay buried and sometimes asleep.

Awaken our Spirits of Intimacy

By first pausing to light and to gather into the scent of intimacy within.

The swirl and dance-

Of the creations that 

Inspire a drive 

To dig deeper ,

To understand more ,

To touch people beyond

The sense of touch,

And into a Sense of Intimacy.

Get the original painting or a print of ‘Yin Yang’ if this speaks to you

I’d Love to read YOUR thoughts! Please share 🙂

Behind the Art, Candles




Share Your Intimacy

  1. Don Akchin says:

    It takes courage to put intimate thoughts on paper and display them for all to see. Congratulations on your blog. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Whitney says:

    I believe it is impossible to be intimate on any level unless you are comfortable and like yourself.. it sounds simple, but that’s where the simple part of it ends. We are our own worst critics. Until we can eliminate self-doubt, intimacy will be difficult if not impossible.

  3. Michael Palumbo says:

    Being able to Share Intimacy is what makes living worthwhile.

  4. EWeldon says:

    Intimacy…with making art, for me – images, intimacy is just a natural state of being. How can one Not feel intimate with that strange Force that that requires Your full participation, knowing that without you, the image will never exist or be seen? And, yet, when finished, its as if it came into being by its own, allowing you to become the vehicle.
    I don’t know…just always feel like I’m where I’m supposed to and want to be while painting.

    Intimacy with others : a bit more complex and, too often, too confusing. Nothing can be rewarding but….Ugghh. Sorry but this has been the worst Valentine’s day ever. To have someone say they can’t continue talking & sharing with you because they enjoy you too much and just disappear, well, intimacy can turn to empty real fast.
    I’ll stick to feeling intimate with art & nature and be thankful for that. We humans tend to over think our happiness and deny themselves intimacy in the process.

    Never really knew what a Blog. Now, I know : a chain of thoughts….thanks.

    • Michelle Spiziri says:

      I like the way you bring to the foreground an intimacy around art and art making. allowing what is down deep inside to emerge take shape…thats good to remember that THAT too is intimacy. Regarding your worst V-Day ever, that is a hard pill to swallow and it may be that they have the issue and is not about you at all- they maybe don’t love themselves…I’m so sorry about that. Thank you for taking your time to comment.

      I’m sure that I’m not the queen of blogging correctness but I am doing “me” ☺️!

  5. Matthew Culley says:

    I feel intimacy can be a struggle for everyone at times. Almost on the daily. As fast as life comes at us our internal levels of ease and struggle fluctuate. When at peace with myself, I am at peace with others. Intimacy inward and outward is very rewarding. When I struggle with myself, I focus on myself, thus intimacy stays more personal. Luckily, as I grow older, expression has become easier. Love your blog Michelle, and as always, you provoke thought

    • Michelle Spiziri says:

      Thank you for sharing! Maybe intimacy comes easier for some than others. It seems that you are confident with yours. you’ve leaned in and are at peace! How lucky! I think that for many, as we get older, the realization that it’s been missing or shielded from truth could bring forth panic or dread in the craving.

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