We're Creating Deeper Connections through Art and Our Emotions

How can art play a role in healing? This is a big question, perhaps even my guiding purpose. My art is for those who simply seek a way to meet their own vulnerability.

Our culture moves quickly past milestones & transitions, but we become wiser when we take the time to recognize and reflect on our experiences and feelings.



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Michelle's art work is extraordinary. Her work is soulful. She seems to connect to spaces that are only apparent when you take a second and a third look at her art. Her work is one of a kind.


I love Michelle's wit and spontaneity in her art. Her colors are raw and vivid. There is a lot of excitement and drama in her paintings.

Jude Asher

Michelle Spiziri’s expressionist paintings, self-labeled "emotionalism,” are complex works of art manifesting both a well-mastered craft honed over the years, and a spontaneity tapping into the deep layers of the unconscious.

Noelle Imparato

Michelle has always been a creative being and it comes directly from her soul. Her work is intuitive and authentic. She is always an inspiration. Love her work.


Michelle is an amazingly talented and imaginative artist. I feel really lucky to have finally purchased a few of her works; a great investment! 

Jim Krebs