As a painter, I am interested in what happens when color, form, movement, and shape interact with each other forming their own dialogue.

Painting for me is as much about self discovery as it is about visual space.

I paint in response to what my subconscious mind makes room for. I'm using art to  escape from old patterns towards a freedom of undeniable love of the self. 

I want all emotions and all parts to be present. I paint to make a place for all the parts of myself that seek expression, even if I don’t want to see or love all the parts that make myself.

The works and paintings are finished when they flirt on a lively tension of movement and rest. The next work knows a little about the previous, but still cannot explain itself. They are always moving into unknown territory. They are their own energy.

Michelle Spiziri

Let me tell you about Intuitive Art


I hear many artists say that they’re an intuitive artist, so what makes me so different?

I can’t speak for anyone else... but, what I can tell you is that my works, over the years, both in clay and paint, have been intuitive in the creating; not setting out with a particular end goal but becoming clear in purpose and personal meaning in the final development as I paint without knowing.

I've found this to be a divine interaction.

Intuitive art is a visceral “listening”.

Trust the brush.Trust the process. Practice Patience. Meditate. Breathe. Sit and stare. It will come.

Working intuitively isn’t easy, fast, or even joyful. There is no formula. It doesn’t always come while I’m working. It comes at unexpected times or from a glance while doing something else. Sometimes works of art sit before they open back up and start speaking to me again, shedding clarity and direction.

Summed up this is how I approach my work and build upon the layers of subconscious memes to create works of whimsy, and emotive abstract storytelling.

People SAY THINGS like, “Oh, but ART's your passion”, like artists ARE ALWAYS sitting in A lush rose scented garden with angels singing in your ear… HOWEVER, it OFTEN FEELS more like a Sirens call at times, truthfully; It’s work.


Have you ever wondered where you get the gift of creativity or the smarts of your genius?

It comes from all the blending of all the ancestors that came before us. I want to take the best and leave the worst.

I want to break the chains of generational trauma memory... it serves no purpose except in a fight or flight response. I want to lose the fear, think for myself, live my best life, be my own person with integrity, grit, and sass. I want to disrupt the generational patterns to create a life that serves me instead of blaming someone else for my Now-Ness.

By recognizing my weak-NESS-es and facing them head on, I AM moving into higher frequencies and allowing for a joyful and loving life without judgment but with empathy while still keeping my boundaries.

Why generational healing and trauma work is important to me

Live intentionally.

The things you might see in my work

Morphing Figures


Wabi Sabi

Biomorphic abstraction. You might find your eyes wandering from one elusive image to another not knowing where one starts or stops then losing your place as you stumble upon another. Some see things I never see. That's the beauty, I think, as we are attracted to what our minds connect to.

Longings. A Return to innocence. Unrestricted curiosity. Playfulness. Intimacy. Shared vulnerabilities.

I want to grab onto the intangibles, and mind meld as a collective consciousness.

For a long time I've been afraid. Afraid that what I do isn’t “right”. Not good enough. Because it's not perfect or pretty-enough.

But what I've come to realize is that what I do is so authentically me. It's mine and it's imperfectly perfect. Everything I do holds my signature style that is undeniably ME that in all my vulnerability I share with YOU.

Michelle Spiziri’s expressionist paintings, self-labeled "emotionalism,” are complex works of art manifesting both a well-mastered craft honed over the years, and a spontaneity tapping into the deep layers of the unconscious.


Michelle's art work is extraordinary. Her work is soulful. She seems to connect to spaces that are only apparent when you take a second and a third look at her art. Her work is one of a kind.


I love Michelle's wit and spontaneity in her art. Her colors are raw and vivid. There is a lot of excitement and drama in her paintings.

Jude Asher

Michelle Spiziri’s expressionist paintings, self-labeled "emotionalism,” are complex works of art manifesting both a well-mastered craft honed over the years, and a spontaneity tapping into the deep layers of the unconscious.

Noelle Imparato

Michelle has always been a creative being and it comes directly from her soul. Her work is intuitive and authentic. She is always an inspiration. Love her work.


Michelle is an amazingly talented and imaginative artist. I feel really lucky to have finally purchased a few of her works; a great investment! 

Jim Krebs

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