Where’d you get THAT painting?

Take the leap and commission a custom painting!

Cozy? Warm? intrigued? Mesmerized?
Do you stop and stare? 

That's what art does; it stops you in your tracks and stimulates the senses!

If you own a space where you regularly welcome clients, guests, and friends—they’ll feel a welcoming vibe when you adorn your walls with a Michelle Spiziri custom painting. 

Custom commissioned paintings are the perfect accent to a boutique hotel, hair salon, coffee shop, restaurant, luxury condo, or even a cozy air bnb cottage!

You’ll create an elevated, welcoming experience for your guests that keeps them coming back. 

If you’re ready to add that extra level of visual hypnotism and originality to your surroundings, I’m just a connection away. 

How do you feel when you walk into a home or other space surrounded by original art?  

In the workplace, art has been proven to increase productivity among staff thereby increasing a company's bottomline.

If you’re featuring custom art in your place of business or making art investments for your home, it immediately conveys your originality to clients, friends, and family, not to mention it makes for good conversation!

Have you ever walked into a home or place of business where you felt nothing?

"Art" that's only hung as sterile wall decoration?

 This isn’t that.

Here's the experience you get with a commissioned painting



Clients choose me for private commissions because they are intrigued by my work and appreciate my process.  

My paintings change along the way so many just trust my instincts as the painting progresses.
There are many layers that will change the look of the painting as I work and I’ve found that it’s better for the client to wait to see the painting until completion. 

I get to work!


We’ll each sign an agreement at which time a 50% non refundable deposit to officially start your custom project will commence. 

Sign and secure


Contact me to discuss your preferred colors, feel, and size of paintings. I’ll listen and adapt my work to the emotion you want to experience. 

Get in touch!

Then after some messes and slinging paint

my favorite part...

The Reveal!

Once completed, I'll send you images of the finished painting. Final payment is due at completion of the work.

Then, we’ll deliver it. If it’s a very large piece, we’ll ship it out with professional art handlers who will also hang it for you. 

Michelle is an amazingly talented and imaginative artist. I feel really lucky to have finally purchased a few of her works.

Jim K

COLLECTOR OF 'The Upside Down '

Crating, delivery, and hanging fees are separate charges.  

Shipping costs and payment for shipping will be determined once it’s ready to go.

We can decide on a timeline together, usually no less than three months. I’ve worked on larger pieces that have taken up to 9 months to complete.  

The price is based on the size and framing, not time. Framing costs are usually determined after the painting is finished. Most clients prefer floater frames for paintings. Paintings on canvas and board do not require glass.

Please keep in mind that smaller sized commissions don't necessarily mean faster or easier.

How long will it take?


I work on stretched canvas, usually with a 1.5-2 inch cradle (the depth of the stretcher bars), treated board, and paper. If you’d like me to work on a different surface just ask.

What substrates do you work on?


With a commission, I create custom paintings at the request of my clients, versus selling pieces that are already painted. While all of my pieces are original and one-of-a-kind, commissioned projects are tailored to my clients’ specific needs and wants. 

How does an art commission differ from purchasing a regular painting that's already been painted by you?


You won’t find my paintings ANYWHERE else on Earth. 

Original art truly creates a one-of-a-kind visual and sometimes visceral experience. Art will continue to delight you over and over again, every time you enter the room. 

Why do you believe that one-of-a-kind art is such a great investment?


Great question! My prices range from medium to substrate to size. If you have a budget in mind I can share with you what to expect. Just reach out!

Keep in mind that if you choose a works on paper commission, you'll most definitely want to get it framed. Custom framing costs vary depending on matting, wood choices, stains, glass choices, hardware etc. So be mindful of total possible costs if you go this route.

So How much does a commission cost?


No you do not.

I enjoy framing most works, even if it's painted on stretched canvas, with a treated hardwood cradled panel for two reasons:

1.  It "finishes" the work.
2. It protects the work, especially if it is painted on a cradled wood panel.

I always recommend framing for works on paper to keep it protected and safe from future damage or tears.

Do I always have to frame my work?


Michelle's art work is extraordinary. Her work is soulful. She seems to connect to spaces that are only apparent when you take a second and a third look at her art. Her work is one of a kind.


I love Michelle's wit and spontaneity in her art. Her colors are raw and vivid. There is a lot of excitement and drama in her paintings.

Jude Asher

Michelle Spiziri’s expressionist paintings, self-labeled "emotionalism,” are complex works of art manifesting both a well-mastered craft honed over the years, and a spontaneity tapping into the deep layers of the unconscious.

Noelle Imparato

Michelle has always been a creative being and it comes directly from her soul. Her work is intuitive and authentic. She is always an inspiration. Love her work.


Michelle is an amazingly talented and imaginative artist. I feel really lucky to have finally purchased a few of her works; a great investment! 

Jim Krebs

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